Let’s Sleep Together…

…literally speaking, that is. 

I will be sleeping with LOTS of people across the U.S. next spring, and I hope you’ll join me and invite your friends! 

No, I’m not talking about an orgy…so, are you still interested? (wicked grin) 

I’m talking about my eco-dream salon tour! 

It’s a mobile multi-night mystery school where you don’t get in trouble for falling asleep in “class!” (because your dreams are the only teachers)…. 

It’s a…

…studio for sleepers.

…slumber party for artists.

…playboratory for dreamers.

…somnolent summit for concerned Earthlings. 

I will be sleepily starting my journey on March 13, 2010 in Santa Fe, as part of New Mexico’s Women and Creativity Month 2010 activities, and in partnership with Little Globe, a local organization dedicated to community-based art and healing. 

I’ll also be dreaming collaboratively on April 16, 2010, in Baltimore as one entrée on the Transmodern Festival’s  menu of artsy antics. 

If this eARThy endeavor intrigues you, I’d love your help! I’m seeking connections with grassroots galleries…healing arts centers…environmental groups…community spaces and other possibilities around the U.S. (Even your own home—cuz don’t your friends all want to sleep together anyway?) 

Probable metro areas, in addition to the confirmed Santa Fe and Baltimore, are: the Bay Area; Madison, WI; Louisville, KY; Nashville, TN; New Orleans, LA; Gainesville, FL; Washington, DC; and NYC. I’m interested in “staging areas” in these cities, so let me know if you have any leads or ideas by dropping me a line at almah@owldanceandmoon.com. I’m also open to traveling to the Pacific Northwest and New England. And wherever Dream wants to take me! (Gaston Bachelard calls dreams “abductors,” after all.)  

Climate change has been oft-described as a NiGHTmARe. We need solutions. So it’s time to wake up and sleep on it! I will be throwing drowsy parties across the U.S. to invite folks to sleep, perchance to dream about what restorative beauty we can give to this Unraveling Moment. In this soporific salon we’ll share dream seductions/experiments as well as poetic in(terr)ventions for ecological healing. Other dreamy elements include: 

  • Midnight Tea (steep yourself in a bottomless cup of Possibility)
  • Lullaby Theatre
  • Collective Dream Adventures/Assignments
  • Dream Buddies/Partnerships
  • MUSEum : altar and artifacts to give thanks for the dreams of the past and to wink at those to come. Obscure objects, curiosities, and who knows?
  • Scores to score your dreams : audio accompaniments to fertilize the seedbeds aka consciousness of the participating sleepers
  • Art-making for insomniacs and other night creatures
  • Strange dream interpretation machinery
  • Dream mapping
  • Dreamer-on-the-street innerviews
  • And more and more and more….

    We must [save the Earth] by means of story and shared dream experience. The dream drives the action…it’s the dream that creates.”   ~ Thomas Berry, in The Great Story 

    It’s an art adventure.

    It’s a café for dreamers.

    It’s a Hypnagogic Hotel.

    It’s biodreamediation…one dream at a time, we will re-renchant our inner ecology…and repair the outer ecology for the good of all life and perhaps tickle the Future into giving us another chance. 

    Stay tuned for ways you can get involved in…

    …trance-forming the world…and creating healing dreamscapes across this nation of images/imagination. 


5 responses to “Let’s Sleep Together…

  1. to sleep perchance to dream
    to wake up from the capitalist scheme into a gossamer draped now of ecstatic laughter
    one more snore before i go onto a new world birthed from sticky, oily lakes
    here in the space where reality is just what we perceive, breathe and be fearlessly unburdened what dreams may come to plot the way at the break of day

  2. owldanceandmoon

    Zfree, we dreamed the same dream last night…navigating by the light of oilslicks…thank you for your snoring company!

  3. Almah…
    “La vida es sueno y los suenos suenos son” – from wherever in the world I might be, I will join you in dreams, in life, and the fertile spaces in between from which we will togethre midwife a liveable world…

  4. This is the coolest thing EVAR!!! I’m all in!

  5. owldanceandmoon

    Yea, Natalie! I’ll be talking to ya then….

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