About Hooo Hooo….

…sings the shimmying Owl.

So what’s up with “Owl Dance and Moon?” What does it mean?

Um, good question. I’m not quite sure what it “means” myself. It was given to me. I could lead you into the tanglescape of synchrodestinies that explains this name, but I’d rather take the lead of my owl teacher, who is quite adept at silently navigating the night seas of the imagination. Instead of trying to “deconstruct” the ocean we can just get wondrously wet….

What do you do, glistening with drops from this ocean?

Here’s where I can be a little less elusive.

Owl Dance and Moon is a mysterious playboratory of creativity coaching, enchantment incubation, eco-devotion, boisterous beauty, and scandalous fun.

I help artists, dreamers, visionaries, creatives, and inventors of all kinds (yes, I mean YOU!) realize lush, leafy lives for the good of all life. I mean, you can’t completely unfurl your gift to the world if you feel stressed, time-harassed, disconnected, and just blah. It’s all one, y’all: personal, social, and environmental reforestation is where it’s at.

So we let’s start with the enchanted forest in your own backyard. Yeah, the one inside of you.


Twilight Language Sepia Print by April Dolkar (aka BAM)

“Sihlaka, (Frankincense)”, 210 x 297 mm

($90 NZD = $60 USD)