About Me & You

Here’s what a few people have said after working with me:


“How can I thank you for your wise advice and your valuable time? Your  powerful energy impressed me. You are more than a magical woman. My life changed [for the better] in less than 24 hours after our conversation.”

~ Ana Fuentes


“There were some issues that deeply bothered me and I was kind of stuck in my ability to comprehend and get to the root of my confusion. I’ve gained clarity after the conversation with Almah.  It felt like I found the missing piece of a puzzle.”

~ Sudha Meiyappan


“To begin with, even normal conversations with Almah are always spirited and empowering but when she decided to do this professionally, helping people find their hidden selves, I must say it made me heave a sigh of relief! I no longer worry about my goals, plans, hurdles, blocks. She is there. I call her and she listens to me. It is simple. At the end of it I am bombarded with a barrage of ideas, solutions, suggestions – some my own, some hers, some from the universe. An aide, a midwife of life, a magician, a miner of the subconscious. A personal Goddess. Call her. Now.”

~ Kavita Krishna


“When my conversation with Almah began I was uncertain about what to do next to bring my purpose into being. Even when you know what you’re supposed to do with your life you may not know all the steps to take or how to meet the challenges. After I spoke with her for just 40 minutes I felt set right and certain. I will always be grateful to her and for her help. As far as I’m concerned, through the gift of her help, the universe gave me exactly what I needed to help make real my purpose.”

~ Diana Onley-Campbell


“Almah…is following her calling to help people find their ways to remember the link between self, ecos, and and universe. I can’t put it any other way. Almah has been a true midwife to my highest and most creative self. That she is offering what she gives in friendship and love to a wider circle is akin to an act of grace….

If you know of anyone who needs to remember their true self, a good look in the mirror of the universe, a loving impetus for some kind of personal transformation, or a catalyst for artistic courage, please send them this invitation.”

~ María Firmino-Castillo

Ok, enough about them (as precious as they are!). So what about me and you? Wanna  start with my Sunset Strategy Session?


Details coming soooooon! To make sure you get them, check back here often or e-mail almah AT owldanceandmoon DOT com.

(I am doing some weirdness with my e-mail address to thwart the spammers. Make sure you replace the “AT” and the “DOT.”  I knew you knew that.)