About Me

Staccato Bio:

Hummingbird in human drag.  Ecourtesan. Incorrigible dreamer. Relentless voluptuary. Funambulist. Quirkyalone. Intensity junkie. Word-drunk. Most lovable vice: poor boundaries with glitter. Surrealista. Afflicted with an obscene streak of optimism. Distracted by sparkly things since 1976 (thanks, Magpie Girl!). Devotee of ostranenie. Serious about silliness.


Now if you’re in the mood for something a little less percussive…

Hey, I’m Almah LaVon Rice! (You can call me “Owlmah” sometimes.) I’m the founder of and inspirationista behind this Owl Dance and Moon business.

I’m a certified glitteracy teacher* and a member of the Creativity Coaching Association. In my playshops and individual coaching I offer what I’ve learned as a professional procrastinator/perfectionist and skilled self-saboteur in recovery.  I’ve keenly known the dissonance of longing to make a big, beautiful difference in the world…and not feeling up to, say, feeding the cat.

But I’m even more interested in what I don’t know and what we can discover together–all while leaving the luscious mysteries intact. (The mysteries actually won’t tolerate anything less.)

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my kittylicious one, Mocha. Well, just for three months outta da the year. I just keep a summer home in reality.

*How can you get certified and become one of the glitterati? Follow me to the About Me & You corner, m’dear.